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You: Addiction and obsession isn't love!

Based on a novel by Caroline Kepnes, You is a twisty addictive drama which focus on Joe (Penn Badgley) ,a successful bookstore manager who lives in New York and happens to be at the same time nothing but a creepy stalker who justifies all his stalking actions under the name of love.

The girl who happens to be a victim, is Beck (Elizabeth Lail) who finds herself trapped into Joe's game without havinga single hint that she was played from the beginning.

Apart from the creepy actions that the show goes through, which makes it an unrealistic drama ( oh thanks God about that), 'You' attracted the viewers from the first moments of the show by showing how easy it is to be a stalker : well you don't need to be a hacker or someone with the a good It background to be called a stalker, but instead you can just take advantage of people who doesn't take online privacy as a big serious matter, and it was a very believable scenario.stalkerImage via Lifetime

What makes the show even a stronger creepy addictive thriller, is the very good script and characters development during the show. If we omit the part how Joe met Beck , we can say that it was a really good romance story, especially how they broke up and then returned together, and I believe it was the only true love moment that they both lived .

In every love story , there is the part where someone needs a space for himself to heal from the damage that the other part caused, and that is a time where the other part should understand that he needs to let it go . It's true that normally in a creepy TV show like 'You' everyone will assume that something wrong will happen, but the truth is ,

mage via Lifetime

I believe it was the only true love moment of the show.; everyone dealt with the breakup on his way, either by doing the thing you always wanted to do ; dating someone who will make you forget everything to just show the other part that you are living a happy life without them,or just doing the thing you always loved: writing. Sometimes, pushing away a good thing is the best thing you can do to move forward and this was the part that the writers showed the best in the show, with not faking it and even giving us a moment where we thought;ok maybe Joy is starting to be a normal ordinary guy! but it was just a manipulative and confessing moment that left us to wonder: was him a good guy or bad guy(even for a moment )? If you don't want to be trapped in a similar scenario that Beck lived always asked yourself"if you ever think that you're being played , you probably are.!

At the end, besides than being a creepy tv show , "You" deserves a total note of 7/10 and if you don't want to be a victime like Beck,always remeber that if you ever think that you're being played , you probably are.!

A 2nd season of Netflix's 'You' has already been announced.

Best Epiode of the show: Episode 7Everythingship

Best quote of the show:

"You trust someone, you give them your heart, and what they do? Is there even a punishment that fits the crime of lying , of manipulating like this? Of breaking someone's heart? "

"If we don't have trust ,we have nothing" .