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The disappearance of Eleanor Rigby: how much can love handle?

This Friday night movie is called” The disappearance of Eleanor Rigby “ directed and written by Ned Benson.(No spoiler alert)

Because in every movie, we always ask our self, “What will the other character do or react to such an action or situation?”. The movie director gives us the possibility to understand better each character’s decision with this 3 hours movie.

Ned Benson scenario is split in three part subtitled “Him” ,“Her” and “Them” telling the same story from two different points of view. The third part,“Them”, is the sum of the two films in a more concise and edited form. 

The movie focus on how a couple is dealing with the problem of losing their baby son . Each from it’s own way, the films editor gives the viewer the possibility to see how McAvoy and Chastain, struggle to save their marriage and deal with this experience, together and apart.

The disappearance of Eleanor Rigby is not a perfect film, meanwhile it’s definitely worth the watch.

Final note: 6/10.