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Jack Ryan Saison 2 review

Created by Graham Roland and Carlton Cuse, saison 2 of Jack Ryan was aired last Friday on the leading streaming service Amazon-Prime.


This season was focused this time on Venezuela, a country where Ryan (John Krasinski) and Greer(Wendell Pierce) team up to investigate the possibility that Russia ( yeah , mother Russia is always here) is hiding some nuke in the south american country.

Following the event of saison 1, Ryan has declined the offer of his bos to join him in a new job in Russia, and instead, has preferred to work with a U.S senator , who happened to be his unit chef director when he was in Afghanistan.

As usual, Jack Ryan thought about some unusual activities, resulted him to get involved in a lot of action, which started quickly from the first episode until the last one of season 2.

The thing that kept people like this season, is of course the simplicity of the scenario, and the fast development of the events. Although all of that, and the introduction of new team-players in this season, like the German intelligence agent, Harriet Baumann (Noomi Rapace), who was always helping Ryan when he had no way out (seriously!!), and a rogue assassin ,Max Schenkel (Tom Wlaschiha) who always shows up out of nowhere, the scenario and the story-telling was really not strong, and there are a lot of unexplained things that the writers just introduced that makes no sense!

This season of Jack Ryan reminded us of how Showtime’s Homeland started and how quickly the show found itself in a repetitive scenario , but at least Homeland's scenario and storytelling was so far much better in all the ways.